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Help for new students taking courses taught in English

Payap University International Students

Are you a new student at Payap University in 2020? Here are some tips to help you.

Department & course links, maps, location & directions help and are below (scroll down)

Your Department

If you are taking a degree course in English then you are probably in the International College on either an undergraduate or postgraduate course listed below.

If you are in the International College, and you are at Payap University, then you should be attending the Orientation day. This is the webpage for the International College.


If you are having trouble finding the campus or a building on campus, there are maps below.

To find out information about your department on the International College website follow the ‘ACADEMICS’ link to the departments via the undergraduate programs option. Here you will find information on Faculty, such as email addresses, if you scroll down the page.

Your department will give you the necessary academic information that you require.

Useful Information

There are other important details that you should be aware. Find out information about visas, insurance (health), student, email and Office 365 accounts, E-Registrar and the Learning Management System (LMS).

The E-Registrar page holds your registration details and also your course information such as your timetable. (E-Registrar) 

Many instructors provide access to course material via the LMS system (image below). Your academic advisor should be able to advise you on all academic matters and direct you to information on other concerns.

Course Search

If you wish to know more details about any course then you need to do the following two steps:

  1. Identify the Instructor
  2. Contact the instructor for the course information

Details can now be found on the COVID update page

Normal route (for your information):

Step 1:

  • Visit the registration (E-Registrar)  page.
  • Change language to English
  • Click the ‘search for course offered’ option
  • Change step 2 to “International  College”
  • Step 5 enter your department code (HIM, EC, IBM or IT) with an asterisks either side.
    • e.g. *HIM*
  • click on the course unit code
  • The instructor is stated on the course details webpage

Step 2:

Find Faculty contact details on the department website using the instructions in the first section on departments.

The webpages involved in these instructions are shown in the following images.

use the search for course option above then enter the course details as below

select the course (first screen above) from the list of courses in your department, then note the name of the instructor (see second screen below).

A link to ‘how to find my course’ on International College website.

International Room Location

The location of your department, classrooms and other useful offices are as follows:

  • Departments are on the third floor (HIM, EC, IBM and IT)
  • TESOL office is also on the 3rd floor
  • International Affairs, International College main office, MBA, Linguistics and the Visa offices are on the first floor (ground floor).
  • Classrooms are generally on the second, third or fourth floor – identified by the first digit in the room number (e.g. 301 third floor)

Payap University International courses

undergraduate, postgraduate programs, and certificate courses

Payap University Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000

Telephone: +(66)53 851 478


International College




The international courses are located in the building below. On the ground floor, named the first floor (floor 1) we have the rooms beginning with one. This includes the International Affairs Offices (114, 115), Visa offices (116), International College main office (102) and admissions (101), to the left, and to the right are the MBA offices and the Linguistics offices.

International programs are found in the same building by the roundabout on the Mae Khao campus

The Law department is situated on the second floor, whilst the undergraduate department offices are on the third floor. To the left are the HIM, TESOL and EC department offices, and to the right are the IT and IBM offices.

The remainder of the rooms on the third floor and the top, fourth floor are used as classrooms.

The Peace building can be reached via the side entrance and is behind the international building (see below).

The side entrance to the international building

You can access the building that hosts the peace studies via the back or side entrance. It is hidden behind all the tress (honestly!)

Office of International Affairs

Address: Payap University, Mae Khao Campus, Super-highway Chiang Mai – Lumpang Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand

Phone: +66 (0)53-241-255 ext.7226

Fax: +66 (0)53-245-353