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Office of International Affairs

Address: Payap University, Mae Khao Campus, Super-highway Chiang Mai – Lumpang Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand

Phone: +66 (0)53-241-255 ext.7226           Fax: +66 (0)53-245-353

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International Affairs

The mission of the Office of International Affairs at Payap University covers many different areas relating to international relations, support, travel and marketing. The wide spectrum of services provided at the Office of International Affairs includes the following:

International Relations and International Support

The Office of International Relations (OIR) builds long term relationships between Payap University and its various international partners and institutions in order to stimulate greater understanding and financial support, and providing a wide array of administrative services unique to foreign faculty, staff, and students.

International Partnerships & Projects

There are several global projects that involve the collaboration between multiple Universities. Our Center for Social Impact (CSI) leads the way with projects to help the environment, internationalization and global education.

Specialized International Programs

Languages – the Language Enhancement Center provides  courses in languages (Thai, English) that are listed as the best in Chiang Mai.

Southeast Asian Studies Center (SEASC) offers study programs focusing on Human rights and politics, economic development and business, and cultures and societies of Southeast Asia.

Lifelong learning The Lifelong Learning program helps us that want to continue to learn and to share our knowledge and experience with each other and to enhance our personal, social and community inclusion in Chiang Mai. 

 International Student Exchange

Study abroad program (inbound & outbound) Both students visiting Thailand and Payap University students have the opportunity to expand their life experiences with the study abroad program.

 International Relations and International Marketing

Helping both International students and Payap University come together and provide information to assist in the internationalization of the university.

International Courses at Payap University

There are several courses taught in English provided at Payap University including undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the International College, Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace (IRCP), MBA program and the Linguistics Department.

International Semester Abroad Program (ISAP) is a special program for US students to spend a semester at Payap University. For information please visit the ISAP website.

payap in chiang mai

 There are two campuses at Payap University (see map above).

Most of the International programs at Payap University are at the Mae Khao campus (below) The Lifelong Learning program is based at the Kaew Nawarat campus (see bottom map).

payap campus map

Mae Khao Campus

Located just east of the city ring road, is the largest campus with 120 acres housing classrooms, administrative offices, and laboratories. The Luce Chapel, Center for Arts and Culture, the Research and Development Institute, and the University Central Library are located here, as well as the faculties of Humanities, Social Science, Business Administration, Science, Law, Accountancy, Finance and Banking, Pharmacy, and the Graduate School. The University Archives, the Christian Communication Institute (CCI), the Linguistics Institute, and the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace.

Payap University
Super-highway Chiang Mai – Lumpang Road,
Amphur Muang,
Chiang Mai, 50000
Tel.: [66] 053 – 851478
Fax : [66] 053 – 241983

lifelong learning

Kaew Nawarat Campus

A small campus located in town, across from Payap-affiliated McCormick Hospital. The McGilvary Faculty of Theology, the McCormick Faculty of Nursing, and the Faculty of Music are located here.

Payap University
Kaew Nawarat Road,
Amphur Muang,
Chiangmai, 50000
Tel.: [66] 053 – 242484, [66] 053 – 243969, [66] 053 – 306512 – 3