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Chiang Mai is the Friendliest City in the World

Chiang Mai is officially the friendliest city in the world according to the Condé Nast Readers Choice Awards, 2020. The survey includes the views of tens of thousands of global travelers and Chiang Mai is the number one choice because of the beautiful, pleasant nature of the local people.

” … you will encounter friendly, welcoming people.

“The Friendliest Cities in the World: 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards”, CN Traveler

To read the full stories visit To read the full story visit “Condé Nast: Chiang Mai is friendliest city in the world“, at chiangmaicitylife (22nd Jan 2020), and “The Friendliest Cities in the World: 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards”, at CN Traveler (18th Dec 2020).

Chiang Mai Markets to Open

The weekend markets and walking streets of Chiang Mai are set to reopen from this week. With strict precautions in place, the markets were temporarily closed on January 6th, but now there have been no new Covid-19 cases reported in the Chiang Mai province for the last six days.

People are still asked to keep to the safety guidelines, and measures remain strict, although the amount of confirmed cases in Chiang Mai remains very low at 69 cases in total.

To read the full stories visit Chiang Mai weekend markets, walking streets to reopen this week‘, The Nation Thailand (19th Jan 2021)

COVID in Thailand 'not high burden and not growing’

It is reported that both the WHO and John Hopkins University have evaluated the current situation in Thailand and found the Covid-19 situation is not currently a cause for concern.

The success in people adhering to the preventative measures has led to the containment of the spread of the virus. Although 28 Thai provinces remain under “highly controlled” restrictions, due to COVID issues relating to migrant workers, Thailand has been categorized as ‘not high burden and not growing’.

To read the full stories visit “Covid-19 in Thailand not a cause for concern – WHO, John Hopkins University“, at The Thaiger (19h Jan 2021), and “Thailand’s Covid-19 situation ‘not a cause for concern yet‘, The Nation Thailand (18th Jan 2021).

Chiang Mai Great for Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai is a top location in the world to work remotely, according to the global travel site Big 7 Travel. In the list of “50 Best Places for Remote Working in 2021”, Chiang Mai ranked 5th overall.

“Chiang Mai is the perfect entry into Thai culture and a great hub for exploring the rest of the region.


Chiang Mai has a “perfect makeup of affordability, visa flexibility, fast internet speed and overall atmosphere.” The Thaiger

To read the full story visit “Chiang Mai ranks 5th on travel site’s list of best places for digital nomads“, at The Thaiger (6th Jan 2021).

Chiang Mai in 'Top 10 Best Small Cities'

Chiang Mai was placed 2nd in the ‘Top 10 Best Small Cities’ category in the Condé Nast Traveler Awards.

Chiang Mai was not the only place in Thailand to receive an award as Koh Pha Ngan, an island close to Koh Samui, was voted third best island in Asia, according to a vote in the readers’ choice awards by Conde Nast Traveler.

Thailand was also ranked in 7th place in the ‘Top 20 Countries in the World list.’

To read the full story visit  “Koh Pha Ngan and Chiang Mai win gongs in the latest Condé Nast Traveler Awards“, at The Thaiger (29th Oct 2020).

Chiang Mai Airport Check-in

Chiang Mai airport has introduced a new check-in system to accommodate customers and reduce congestion outside the airport. In the news article it is stated this will be implemented at all national airports in Thailand.
To read the full story visit: “New airport screening system starting 1st December” at chiangmaicitylife (17th Nov 2020).

airport checkin

Success in Keeping Thailand a COVID Safe Place

The head of the World Health Organization, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, has praised Thailand for it’s handling of the COVID virus. Although Thailand has a population of 70 million it has reported less than 4000 coronavirus cases and just 60 deaths from the pandemic. What has contributed to this success? Investing in its public health infrastructure, over a million village health volunteers, and learning from lessons in the past with experiences such as SARS in 2003.

” Thailand is an excellent example that, with a whole-of-government, whole-of-society, comprehensive approach, this virus can be contained — even without a vaccine. “

World Health Organization,  WHO website

To read the full story visit “WHO head has singled out one developing country for its success in managing the coronavirus pandemic“, at (23rd Nov 2020).

Toursists guaranteed money if catching COVID

The Tourism Association, the Hotels and Spas Association and others have clubbed together to guarantee a 100,000 baht compensation to any tourist who catches Covid19 in Chiang Mai, after checking in on the Thai Chana app. The group also pledged a million baht to the family of any sufferer were they unable to recover from the virus.

” visitors guarantee a 100,000 baht compensation “

To read the full story visit “Tourism business associations to guarantee 100k to any visitors catching COVIDat chiangmaicitylife (1st December 2020).

Tourism in Chiang Mai

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai saw over 90,000 visitors over last weekend. The beautiful scenery, waterfalls and agreeable climate proving popular for those that like to relax, and zip lines and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) among the favored activities.

” over 90,000 visitors to the province over the long weekend “

To read the full story visit “Chiang Mai injected by 730 million baht this weekend“, at chiangmaicitylife (23rd Nov 2020).

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