a guide to your student visa at Payap University

before coming to Thailand

How to apply for a student visa

first week in Thailand

Your first days at Payap University

keeping your student status

How to keep your student status

student visa in Thailand

A “Non-O” Educational visa allows you to stay and study in Thailand.  Also called a Non-immigrant “ED” visa

contact us:  visa division Monday to Friday 1.00 PM – 3.30 PM room PC116

help with your student visa


  • Visa service form          student requesting visa extensions
  • TM.7                                visa extension
  • TM 8                                re-entry
  • TM.47                             90-day notification
  • TM.30 (landlord)           receipt of notification

important documents

  • passport (you will need photocopies)
  • departure card
  • photos (e.g. 4 x 6 cm)
  • proof of student status
    • registration
    • receipts (e.g. fees)
  • proof of residence

The Immigration Office have informed the Visa Service at Payap University that student matters will be dealt with at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office at the Promenada Shopping Mall.

Chiang Mai Immigration Office
at Promenada

The immigration offices at the Promenada Shopping Mall are up the escalators and at the back to the right. (Not the building with the cinema)

Chiang Mai Immigration
(Main) Office

The main Immigration Office in Chiang Mai is close to Chiang Mai airport (see map below).

Please respect the  staff at the immigration office by dressing smartly and being polite, thank you.

What Our Students Have to Say

We have to maintain our student status to study in Thailand so it is probably the most important thing you need to do.
payap university
Payap student
It can seem confusing but there are people at Payap that can help you - I suggest that you ask for help when you need it.
payap university
Payap student
You guys are doing a great job down there, I realy appreciate it.
payap university
IT student
From USA
That's true, visa department has been giving incredible services. thank you.
payap university
IC student

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