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The Internationalization of Payap University

Payap University has a wide range of projects, co-operations and collaborations with so many different countries through many short and special courses, exchange programs, social welfare projects and many more avenues.

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International Students

There are students from many countries that study on degree courses at Payap University. This includes students from Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, China, Philippine, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Swiss, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, UK and USA.

International Staff

The global community also includes staff from Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Japan, Thailand and the USA.

Payap University works together with many partners worldwide and welcomes students from many countries on short courses or special projects

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Payap University engages with collaboration and partnerships with Universities from the following countries:  USA, India, Japan,Australia, Korea, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Payap University engages with organizations, initiatives and religious organizations such as seminaries, Christian and Catholic Universities from the following countries:  USA, Laos, Pakistan, Korea and Indonesia.

The Study Abroad program itself has included student exchange in countries such as: Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Vietnam

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Office of International Affairs

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Over 20 partners from over 15 countries across Europe and Asia join together on projects ranging from sustainable tourist to community development.


The Veteran Affairs (VA) program and the International semester abroad program (ISAP) are examples of a special relationship Payap University has with American organizations. There is also a growing Chinese population at the university.

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A wide range of nationalities can be seen on a host of specialized short courses that are provided in areas such as human rights, culture and economic development.

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Student Exchange

The study abroad program allows students from around the world to visit Payap University for one year of student, whilst Payap students expand their experiences by studies in other countries.

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The Language Enhancement Center receives widespread praise for the provision of languages courses where global students learn in English and the Thai languages.

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The Lifelong Learning program helps us that want to continue to learn and to share our knowledge and experience with each other and to enhance our personal, social and inclusion in the community.

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