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How to apply for a student visa

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Before you come to Thailand

To Start

You must get a “Non-O” Educational visa before you enter Thailand. You cannot enter Thailand on a tourist visa and then change to a student visa.

You will need

  1. A Visa Letter from Payap University
  2. A valid passport
  3. Visa application form

What happens next?

  • At first, you will be given a short-term (3 month) visa.
  • You will need to extend this visa
  • during your time as a Payap University student
  • you need to maintain student status (hours, registration etc.)


visa letter

Visa Letter from Payap University happens after you are accepted to a program and pay tuition deposit


there must be a certain amount of blank pages and time left before it expires

visa application form

  • Apply for an educational “ED” visa from the Thai embassy in your country or a Thai embassy in another country outside of Thailand
  • visit the embassy website to find out what documents you need
  • For example:
    • passport,
    • copies of passport pages,
    • passport photos,
    • proof of financial capability,
    • letter of acceptance,
    • letter of guarantee,
    • etc.

Need help with your application?

Speak to:
Visa Services
International Affairs
Payap University

Phone: (+66) 53 241 255 (extension) xxxx
Office: PC116

help with your student visa

What is a student visa?

  • To study in Thailand you need a Non-immigrant visa.
  • Sometimes called an “ED” visa, or Non-immigrant “ED” visa
  • Apply outside of Thailand
  • Valid for 90 days before an extension is required
  • Students must study for 15 hours per week or more

How to get a student visa for Thailand ('non-immigration ED visa')

  1. Apply for a course
  2. Get the Acceptance letter
  3. Apply for the visa
  4. Extend after the first 90 days
  5. Report every 90 days

what if?

What if I am in Thailand? You will need to leave Thailand and apply for the student visa in another country

What if I am Married? You will need your marriage certificate

What if I have children? You will need birth certificates of your children

Speak to the visa division if you require help

Chiang Mai Immigration Office

Admissions Center for all of your application and admissions needs.

Visa information for new and existing students at Payap Uinversity

Student Center for all of your application, studies and campus needs, including visa information, study abroad and other opportunities.

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