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The Office of International Relations (OIR) at Payap University (PYU), part of the Division of International Affairs, is responsible for a multitude of tasks. They include building long term relationships between PYU and its various international partners and institutions in order to stimulate greater understanding and financial support, and providing a wide array of administrative services unique to foreign faculty, staff, and students.

One primary function of the OIR is to manage external grants. Payap has been the fortunate recipient of significant grant monies from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through their American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program. These grants have greatly contributed to major capital projects throughout the university, including the central library construction and commodities project, the international dormitory building, the law school building, the women’s dormitory building, the pharmacy laboratory equipment project, improving campus accessibility for the disabled, upgrading the IT infrastructure throughout campus, and the alternative energy or solar project.

The university has also received funding through the OIR from the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, the ASEAN Foundation, and the Henry Luce Foundation. Grants from these institutions have helped to fund faculty development, enhance academic programs, host international conferences, building renovation, and provide for student scholarships.
The OIR also administers the VA (Veterans Affairs) program, supporting former US military personnel utilizing VA educational benefits at Payap.

The OIR also performs as the ACUCA Secretariat during the period in which the Payap University President is fulfilling his duties as the ACUCA President. ACUCA is the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia and consists of 62 member institutions in eight countries in Asia. The term of the ACUCA President and Secretariat is two years.

History of International Affairs

The Payap University Office of Internationalization was established in the Academic Year 2014. Payap
recognizes the importance of competency when engaging with international constituents, both inside and
outside the university.

This need is even more pronounced in the present day as Thailand prepares to take
its leadership role in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Accordingly, Payap has created an office
managed by professionals who are skilled in a wide range of areas which are essential to excelling in a globalized world.

The mission of the Payap University Office of Internationalization (OI) is to provide services related to both
international education and international relations. To accomplish this, the OI is comprised of three main
offices which incorporates the work of the previous International Affairs office with the new services which the OI now provides.

Office of International Relations and Support (OIRS)

international affairs building

Programs have been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of the United States of America to offer degree programs to eligible American veterans. American veterans can use their Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits to study abroad in Thailand.

This office works to maintain and enhance relationships with various important institutions and government agencies outside of Thailand.

The OIRS submits proposals and administers large grants from institutions such as USAID/ASHA, the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, the Henry Luce Foundation, the US Embassy, Christian organizations such as the World Council of Churches, and private donors.

The OIRS also manages the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) program which enables former US veterans to study at Payap using
their VA benefits.

Additionally, the OIRS performs a multitude of tasks related to international support. This includes administrative support (related to providing support for international students), translation services, and fundraising.

Language Enhancement Center

payap library

This center offers English and Thai language training. The English Language Enhancement Center (ELEC) provides English language training through the Intensive English program, Certificate in TESOL (teacher training), and IELTS/TOEFL preparation program.

For the Thai language, the LEC manages the Intensive Thai language program, which offers up to eight modules of Thai language training from the novice to the most advanced learner.

Intensive English Program

Intensive English is a certificate program offered by the English Language Enhancement Center.

This program is designed to improve students’ language skills so that they can enroll full-time in an international undergraduate or graduate degree program at Payap University.

Intensive Thai Program

Intensive Thai is a certificate program designed for non-native
speakers who wish to work or study in Thailand.

payap library

Center for Social Impact

social impact

Benefits are seen with community development through youth education, support of social impact projects and training, and collaboration with local, national and global stakeholders across Asia and Europe.

This includes social enterprise work and support of social entrepreneurship with SE Thailand, SET (The Stock Exchange of Thailand) and Ashoka, organizations among others, that support ‘change making’ for the good of society.

Collaboration, workshops, projects, community support and development, academic support through teacher training, all contribute to the ongoing success of the Center of Social Impact (CSI). Visit the CSI website for more information.

The Center for social Impact offices officially opened in July 2019 but the benefits of the work goes further back. The seeds were planted as far back as 2014 when there were projects to support marginalized communities.

Efforts were focused on Thailand and Myanmar with gained knowledge obtained by people to assist their own communities growth. We refer to the acquisition of these skills as capacity building.

“We empower agents of social change”

In July 2017 the Center of social Impact officially became its own entity for the purpose of facilitating and support of people that could change society in a positive way. Projects include multiple universities across the globe to help in areas such as sustainable tourism.

social impact

Payap University Campus

Located east of the city, on the “middle” ring road

payap campus map

Mae Khao is the larger campus and includes the Luce Chapel, Center for Arts and Culture, the Research and Development Institute, and the University Central Library


nawarat campus

Includes the McGilvary College of Divinity, the McCormick Faculty of Nursing, and the College of Music.


Payap’s Five Core Principles:

  • Transformation Toward Authentic Peace
  • Build Trust Through Truth
  • Service Through Vocation
  • Delight in Diversity and Global Awareness
  • Faithful Stewardship (Oversight)


Payap Logo

payap logo

Students of Payap University must learn self-development, acquire knowledge, exhibit wisdom, and think creatively.

They are expected to develop the capacity for excellence, along with a strong sense of social responsibility towards others and society in general.

payap university


Truth and Service

Payap University strives to adhere to its motto “Truth and Service” by instilling
academic and moral excellence in its students, to create understanding through the living truth and an attitude of service to all.



Boonnak (Ceylon Iron Wood) is among the most beautiful trees in the world.

payap flower

1. The color of Boonnak flowers is pure white, which represents virtue and purity.

2. Boonnak flowers have a pleasant, lingering fragrance, which represents refinement, dignity, and a service-minded reputation.

3. Boonnak flowers resemble a parasol, which protects from the elements and impurities.

4. Boonnak trunks can be used as medicine, which represents the capacity to provide aid and assistance to those who are in need

.5. Boonnak is very hard to cultivate, hence, it requires good care; this represents the challenge of educating society’s youth to reach their full potential.

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